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Shaolin Temple

Hanwei has now been accorded the distinction of crafting the swords that the ShaolinTemple presents to honored state guests and to foreign dignitaries visited by Temple delegations.

Dynasty Series

Recreated by the craftsmen of Hanwei from the swords of the Lords of the great dynasties these Chinese Gongfu swords represent the pinnacle of the sword maker's art vividly illustrating the skills and creativity of the smiths of Imperial China.


Purpose built cutting sword designed by noted martial artist Scott Rodell.


Straight double edged swords in a variety of styles.


Broad Sabres in single and two hand styles.


Blunt Jian well suited to the Tai-Chi practitioner.


Jian and Dao with ultra flexible blades for Wushu practitioners.


Sharp and blunt sabres for the Yang style tai-chi practitioner.

Chinese Sword Accessories

Display stands sword bags even a plaque with the Hanwei dragon they are all here.

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