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This sword replicates the Gunto of a high-ranking Japanese army officer of the Pre-WWII and WWII era. These swords were made from 1933 onwards by a group of highly-skilled swordsmiths at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo and are known collectively as the Yasukuni swords. Only 8000 of these swords were made and many were destroyed, so in recent years they have become highly collectable. Hanwei is producing these very accurate replicas for collectors unable to afford or obtain originals. A Colonel's-rank Gunto (SH2445) is also available.

The sword features a forged blade of high carbon 1095 steel. Hand-woven pure silk Sageo, with accurate Captain-rank coloration.
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Made by Hanwei.

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Yasukuni Captain's Gunto
RRP: £663.00
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Key Features
  • Hand Woven Silk Sageo
  • Hand Forged Blade
  • Authentic Detailing
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